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What is the Call Worth to you?

The call of God arrests every part of your life. It messes everything up. If you are called by God to preach, teach, minister the gospel in any capacity He will take every dream & every ambition you have ever had for the cause of the Call! He will ask you & cause to prove if you will follow Him when the chips are down. He wants to know will you follow the call on your life when there’s nothing propping you up & when everything has been stripped away. We must live for the call. Even when everything has seemingly been stripped from you. You can’t be weak to follow the call of God. In 1 Kings 19:20=21 Elijah told Elisha to go back to his family when Elisha asked to kiss them goodbye. His family was more important than the call in that moment that he asked to kiss them goodbye. But Elisha returned from him. (He went back) & used the yokes to make the fire on which he burned the oxen that he drove in the fields. Then he fed them to his people & left them running after Elijah!! Hew forsook all to run after the call! He followed no Elijah in doing this but he followed the call. He lost all His worldly possessions, stature & standing to follow the call. In 2 Kings 2:9 Elijah said ask what you will!! Elisha asked a double portion of the anointing that was on Elijah, even though Elijah has told him to turn back. “Go back to your family”. “What Have I done to you?” He basically pushed him away. But here He stood because he turned from everything to run after the calling. He not only left his job & family to follow the call of God, he destroyed the yokes and the oxen he drove & fed the ox to his family. He destroyed his livelihood and any hope of having anything to return to all to run after the call of God. What will you turn your back on to follow the call? What are you willing to walk away from to follow the call? If man strips everything from you will you quit or will you dig in and still follow the call of God on your life? Elijah told Elisha he asked a hard thing when he asked for a double portion of the anointing that was on him. Yet he told him if you see me taken from this earth you shall have it and Elisha stayed even after being told that it would be hard to run after the call. He was there until the chariots of fire came & took Elijah! After Elijah told him, “go back. What have I done to you?” Then he told him you as a hard thing. Basically, he said, “are you sure you can handle this? This is not kids play here!” Elijah told him “You must stay until the end even when the fire of God falls & takes me, you have to watch me go, then you can have the anointing!” Elijah gave it all up for the call. He endured Elijah (his man of God, His prophet) pushing him away & telling him just turn back & that he couldn’t handle it just for the call. He stayed until the fire fell from heaven in spite of it all & watched his man of God leave. Then the mantel fell on Him!! Can you stand? Can you endure? We get upset when we get a hang nail & Sister Watermelon from the Mother’s board doesn’t shake our hand! We want to quit because we don’t get a call back from the deacon or Pastor right away or we have to leave a voicemail because one of them is busy. Who are we? Can you endure if your call is bigger than your idea of how things are supposed to go? Can / will you run harder if you are asked to step down & someone else is singing in the choir? Will you give up & suck your thumb if out of nowhere someone you trusted hurts your feelings? Will you sit under a Juniper tree & wish for death? Will you run after the calling of God or will you run to another church? Will you shake the dust off, repent for how you feel & RUN after the call on your life?

The choice is yours!!! God doesn’t want hostages… He wants family.

As for me … I’m running after the call of God on my life!!! I will seek His face for my next move when wo/men turn on me & I lose it all or have it stripped from me, I will run after God’s call on my life!!!

What will you do? The calling of God caught Elisha & he spent his whole life in pursuit of the call. The call is where God’s voice comes from. The call is where the anointing comes from. Pursue it with your whole being. Let the call consume you. It’s worth it all!!! Don’t just keep studying to write a sermon or message. Don’t keep studying to just write another book. Pray, fast & seek after God with your whole heart. FIGHT for the call!!! Give your all for the call!!!

When you keep pushing forward and lay aside every weight and doubt God will turn that thing that has been hindering you in your life into the avenue and instrument that He will use to catapult you into your destiny ad set you free from bondage of your past. He will turn every situation into a testimony and set you free to be used in the calling of God on your life. Allow him to use you but pressing forward towards the calling of God on your life no matter what or who you have to lay aside.

Blessings from the desk of:

~*Sister Soldier*~

July 2018

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