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“Capital “I” or a small “i” ?”

In proper grammar when we write a sentence the “I” is capitalized as to indicate a proper noun. It is referring to one’s self in the first person. Such as in the sentence, “I can go outside and run 10 miles”… HAHA not really, I might not make it a block… LOL. BUT you get my meaning. The Bible says I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me… Let’s look at this scripture for a moment. The “I” is capitalized because it refers to me in the first person as a proper noun. But let’s look at the word Christ. In the middle of Christ is a small “i” … and in this portion of the sentence it is referring to Jesus giving us strength to do all things. I alone can do nothing but when I put myself in the middle of Jesus Christ and allow Him to give me the strength HE has for me “I” become a small “i” and gains power through the strength of Jesus to do ALL things… My Bishop told me once… If you want to get big… get little. I was confused (not hard to do…LOL) so I asked him to elaborate. He said If you want to go higher in the kingdom of God then you must decrease so that HE can increase in your life. That made perfect sense to me. The more of Christ I have in my life the less of me {ME = “I”, Flesh, self-will, pride (notice the “i” in the middle of pride?), arrogance, ungodliness} there is in my life and My will becomes HIS will fulfilling the word that says Lord let “THY WILL be done in earth as it is in heaven” in Matthew 6:10. We must learn to allow HIS WILL to be done. (notice the “i” in the middle or His Will?) When we allow ourselves to become smaller than His presence in our lives and crucify this flesh we live in, and Kill Pride and all that comes with it, then we can truly walk in His will. OH Wait! I hear in the back of my mind the words, “well you don’t know what I have been through.” “What can I do from in here?” I say to that devil who is speaking that fowl deceptive language of bondage into the atmosphere. “shut up!” In the name of Jesus, I bind you and render you silent! Now I say to you, Do not allow your present circumstances nor your past to dictate your destiny. You can do ALL things through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. That scripture didn’t say you can do all things when you got it all together. Nor did it say you can do all thing once you are free from where you are presently at. Because freedom is a state of mind. No matter the captivity or state your body is in you can be free in your mind. It’s a matter of the heart. Back to the scripture that says… You can do ALL things. ALL mean ALL! And how can you do it? Through Christ Jesus who strengthens you. So, it is not our works that help us do it… It is our Lord and savior Jesus Christ who give us the strength to do what HE calls us to do… WE can do ALL things through HIM… Now comes the choice. Because to have more of HIM we must decrease and have less of us. We must put aside the Capital “I” and become the small “i” in the middle of Christ Jesus. But like I said, “now comes the choice.” It is a matter of the heart. God is a gentleman and will not force us to do anything. He wants us to love Him freely just as He loved us as He went to Calvary for us before we were even formed in our mother’s womb. Before our fathers and mothers even knew each other, He died for us. So now I ask you… will you die out to this flesh… will you kill the Capital “I”? Will you allow yourself to be enveloped in Christ? Will you choose to be like Paul who said, “I die daily.” As for me I am saying today, “less of me Lord… More of you.” Just a little food for thought. Remember you are what you eat so make sure to feed yourself spiritual food from the Bread of Life. Our Lord and Savior has laid a table before you. It’s up to you what you eat. I love you my brothers and sisters. Be strong in the Lord today for HE alone is our source of Strength.

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~*Sister Soldier*~

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