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Ephesians 5:22-33

"How Do We Love"

Our roles in marriage


We do not subject ourselves to our husbands to be slaves but so that the word of God can be fulfilled in our lives. This submission is in the perfect order of God and with it comes a special anointing that is beyond anything we can imagine.

God honors a humble heart and a servant's heart...

Just as Jesus served His Disciples by making Himself subject to them by washing their feet, Jesus, The Lord of lords and King of kings humbled himself to this position to teach us the power of submission and loving each other with a truly unconditional love.

When we submit our hearts, minds & bodies to our husbands as the scriptures state for us to do God will honor that and bless every area of our life.


Loving your wife as Christ loved the church and gave himself for it, holds that same power of submission. When you love someone and you truly give yourself to them in the manner that Christ gave himself for the church, you totally submit to that person. Christ submitted himself to die for the church which is referred to as the BRIDE of Christ. He did this to cleanse the church with the washing of water by the word and then presented it to himself a GLORIOUS church.

When Husbands submit themselves to their wife in this way the first part of this scripture is easy for the wife to do. When you as a man cherish and love your wife as Christ loved the church you present her to yourself a glorious wife... This is scriptural and also manifests itself in the natural as well. If your wife feels she can safely trust in you in every area of your life together, then she can safely trust you to love her as Christ loved the church. This will make it easy for her (as the weaker vessel) to fulfill her part in your life as a wife. She can safely humble herself to you the lord and priest of her household and her heart.

From the Desk of:

~*Sister Soldier*~


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