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Lunchtime Live Sermon with ~*Sister Soldier*~

"Reach the other side…"

In life a question we are asked almost daily is where are you from? Sometimes when I tell people where I currently live, I hear oh, you’re from “that side” of town. Wow. Is it bad on that side? Or something along those lines. I have always heard the statement “wrong side of the tracks”. When I was first saved and the first time, I can actually remember hearing God’s voice give me a sermon it was from Luke 14. The master of the house was having a feast and invited important people to the banquet, and they all gave excuses and didn’t come. The Bible says he told his servant to go into the “highways and byways” and bring guests to the feast. He said go into the highways and byways, not the pulpits and synagogues (Luke 14) … Now don’t get me wrong and go out saying that Sister Soldier doesn’t believe in preachers and going to church. That is NOT what I am saying at all. That is a necessity. God said in his word forsake not the assembling of yourselves together. That friends means take yourself to church! The bible also says that God gave us Pastors. They are given of God and they watch for our souls. I am thankful for my Pastor of the past three years and my Bishop of the past 25 years. I would not be the woman of God that I am today without their guidance and love. I hear the question, well sister then what are you saying. Glad you asked. I’m simply saying that yes, we need to go to church and yes, we need our preachers and pastors, but there is a GREAT need for us to go out to reach the other side. He didn’t come to seek the saints. He came to seek and save that which was lost. In Luke 14:16-23 He said: 16Then said he unto him, A certain man made a great supper, and bade many: 17 And sent his servant at supper time to say to them that were bidden, come; for all things are now ready. 18 And they all with one consent began to make excuse. The first said unto him, I have bought a piece of ground, and I must needs go and see it: I pray thee have me excused. 19 And another said, I have bought five yoke of oxen, and I go to prove them: I pray thee have me excused. 20 And another said, I have married a wife, and therefore I cannot come. 21 So that servant came and showed his lord these things. Then the master of the house being angry said to his servant, go out quickly into the streets and lanes of the city, and bring in hither the poor, and the maimed, and the halt, and the blind. 22 And the servant said, Lord, it is done as thou hast commanded, and yet there is room. 23 And the lord said unto the servant, go out into the highways and hedges, and compel them to come in, that my house may be filled. We are the servants of Jesus Christ and in this parable, he give a type and shadow of us and Him. We are comparable to the servant in this parable and he is the Master of the house. In the parable the Master told the servant to go out into the highways and byways. He called us to seek the lost and teach them the gospel of Jesus Christ. We were all born in sin and trespass therefore we all must come to Jesus. Luke 5:31 says 31And Jesus answering said unto them, they that are whole need not a physician; but they that are sick.This applies to spiritual sickness just as it does physical sickness. The saints don’t need a physician, but the sinners do. If we are to walk in His footsteps, then we are to do as He did and go where He went. At times Jesus was found in the synagogue, but it was recorded more of His walk in the streets with sinners and the lost than with preachers and religious men. He was found at a well with a woman who was “much married” during her life. He was found with a woman of questionable background washing his feet with her tears and drying them with her hair. He was found eating with publicans and sinners. He was found more with “such were some of us” type people than with religious leaders. He came for the lost. He died for the lost.

Most people want to speak a word or preach in a well refined church with nice pews and well-dressed people. Well I tell you right now, I want to be that one person that walks and moves and breathes in the fire of the Holy Ghost and builds a church on the rim of hell and reaches in and snatches souls from the deepest pits and pulls them back to the light of Jesus!!! God called some of us and I am willing to go there. I say, send me Lord and I will go. Tell me Lord Jesus and I will say it. No fear, for God has not created me with the spirit of fear but with peace love and a sound mind the other scripture says power love and a sound mind. I will go Lord, is my cry. My question is who is willing to go with me. It’s not about how someone looks or where they come from. Their past is NOT their future. Their present situation is not their final destination. Who will go? Who will follow Jesus as He walks into the highways and by-ways to seek and save that which was lost? I will go Lord, is my cry! Who will go with me? It’s time to get out of our comfort zone and go into the highways and byways. It’s time to speak to that person that everyone else is afraid of. You never know, your voice may be the only kind one they hear today. If you hear the word come to you from God, then give it. No fear. It’s time to go to the other side. It’s time to reach the lost that no one else even wants to talk to. It doesn’t matter where they come from it only matters where Jesus want to take them. We must be that voice crying in the wilderness saying come. Just like you are, come to Jesus. To all that desire healing, freedom from sin and sickness, come. Come to Jesus. We must go to them and tell them the love of Jesus and show forth the love of Jesus. Some can’t come due to physical bounds and some can’t come because they are blinded by the god of this world which is satan and spiritually bound. Just like Lazereth when he came out of the tomb after being dead and Jesus called him forth. Jesus then said, “loose his bounds”. Jesus wasn’t talking to Lazareth when he said this. He was talking to the people around him telling them to lose the bounds and let Lazareth physically free. He was alive again because death had to let him go when Jesus called him forth, but he was still physically bound so the people around him were instructed to set him physical free by removing the bounds that he was wrapped in. Now he had been dead for days and his sister said surely, he stinketh. So, this was not a desirable job. There would be issues as they unwrapped him. It was not for the faint of heart I am sure. This trip to the other side is just like that too. It is not for the faint of heart. It will take courage in our Lord and faith in the fact that He will give us guidance as we go and the words to say when we get there. But it all begins as we follow Him with our whole heart. As we get up and go in faith, the will of God will be done in our lives and everyone that he gives us in the highways and byways to speak the word of God to. So now I ask again… Who will go with me? Who is willing to reach the lost by going to the other side? Looking past every physical obstacle and walking by faith not by sight into the realm of the “other side” to seek and save that which was lost? I raise my hand. My prayer is I am willing to go Lord. Send me… Isaiah 6:8 8Also I heard the voice of the LORD, saying, whom shall I send, and who will go for us? Then said I, Here am I; send me. What is yours?

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