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Bags of Love Event

We are taking donations for the Bags of Love event.  Bags of Love is a part of our Stomp the Battleground Homeless Outreach Ministry.  We collect donations of items as well as cash donations to purchase items for hygiene bags that are handed out in the homeless community.  We do this drive for donations three times a year.  All cash donations go towards the purchase of items to place in the bags. We collect donations year round so if we are not currently in the middle of a donation drive you can still donate.  All donations of items are used for the same purpose.  Please feel free to contact us at any time if you have questions.  Also, all donations are tax deductible.  

For cash donations: You are welcome to donate via Cash App at 


If you would like to mail in a donation you may do so at:

~*Sister Soldier*~ Ministries

2316 SE 11th Ave

Gainesville, Fl. 32641

All donations are tax deductible and a receipt can be provided upon request.

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Stomp The Battle Ground Ministries

This is an ongoing Blog about our outreach efforts in the Gainesville, Fl. area.

Upcoming Event - "Bags Of Love"

Oct. 12, 2021

It is that time again. We are doing a drive for personal items, gloves, socks and other small items for the "Stomp the Battleground - Bags of Love" outreach ministry to the homeless community. 

If you would like to fill a bag with a few items and donate you are welcome to contact me for more information. Or you can see me at church to donate the bags. Please feel free to message me anytime if you have questions. There is a list of items that can be placed in these bags below. 

You are welcome to donate a bag at any time. We would like to run this drive to end by December 17th, 2021 in order to have them ready to hand out before Christmas week. Thank you in advance for all your help and prayers. May God bless each of you this date and always.

If you are not local to Gainesville, Fl. area and would like to help please feel free to contact me. Also, please like and share this post which is another way to help. :)


Fat Bones Report from FMOC 

March 5, 2020

Hello All,

I just wante to take a moment to share with you a testimony of God's hand at work in the life of one of the members of our Freedom Ministry Outreach Church. He expressed to me in an email his concerns about the young men in his dorm constantly physically and verbally fighting each other. The conflict in his dorm was so bad that he said it was unbearable to see these young men constantly hurting each other. He asked my advice on how to reach them to speak to them about the fighting. As I was writing him back letting him know that my husband would most likely be the better one to talk to about this situation I began to hear God's voice. I expressed to him what I heard and saw in my mind from God. I told him I saw a man sitting at a table alone in the middle of a dorm reading the Bible and praying. Around him was conflict and other men fighting. Then as I was writing this to him I saw in my mind the power of God fall from Heaven like water and fire mixed together. It hit the man but didn't hurt him. Then if was like it flowed through him and out into the room like a cloud. As the cloud hit the men that were fighting they were so impacted by the presence of God that they stopped to see what had touched them. I told him I think this is what God wants you to do. I sent the email to him and a few days later I received one in response. Sure enough he had tried what I felt God told me to share with him to do. He said as he sat there in the middl of the room with his Bible quietly praying, feeling a little out of place, two young men walked up to him and said "do you mind if we use this table to play cards after you finish reading and spending time with God?" He answered and said "yes of course you can." Then he said he asked them, "Hey, do you guys know God?" One said "yes but I don't know anything about this Jesus." He asked the man if he would like to know. The man answered yes. He said this opened a door for him to be able to share with these two young men the word of God and pray with them. He also said one of the men was one of the main ones starting conflict in the dorm. He told me at the end of the email that another one of the men on the dorn that was causing most of the conflicts was moved out of the dorm. What a mighty display of God's power in response to this man's acts of obedience. God is so faithful and all it takes is for us to open up and allow HIM to flow thru us. Just wanted to share this mighty testimony. What a blessing to see God working in these men's lives like this. God is so good. Amen. 

Hand Me Down...

January 21, 2020

Lunchtime Live with ~*Sister Soldier*~

"Our life is a potential hand-me-down for the Glory of God"

Just like clothes that we out grow, loss weight and get to small for or just don't wear enough to keep that become hand-me-downs our life is a hand-me-down too. How the clothes we pass on are treated during the time we have them determines the value they hold when we hand them down or pass them on to someone else. Our lives are the same. How we live our lives should be at such a level that it's quality is high enough that others should say, I want her/his life. I want what they have. I desire the walk they have with God. In Isaiah 55:3 it speaks about the sure mercies of David and how God made an everlasting covenant with him. When we speak of the mercies of David we see that 400 years after David's death God was still sparing his generations for "David's Sake", is what the Lord said. David lived his life in a way that he could hand his mercies from God down because His life was a testimony unto his love of God. David was a terrible sinner but he was a great repenter. David was referred to as a man after God's own heart. We see through the scriptures that his life was lived in such a way that it became a "hand-me-down" to his generations. My questions to you is Will you walk in such a way that your life, submitted to God's Word and His will, will be desired and can be safely handed down to the next generation? Will you lay a foundation that your generations to come can stand on? Will you fight for what they need to be alive in your life so when your life is passed on to them they can stand up in the paint and stand the test of time and make it to heaven? We should live in such a way that our generations and the lost that we reach can live on what we give them and stand on the truth that we lived under and showed forth a testimony of through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

So as I go through my life, I try to keep in mind am I living in a way that I can hand down to my children (natural/adopted & Spiritual) the values, beliefs, thoughts, spiritual foundations and convictions? Am I living in a way that I can Hand ME Down to them? Will my life be a legacy or a tragedy? Will my memory be sought after to gain strength from or will it be just a rumor passed back and forth at family reunion as what not to do with your life? Will my life be such that I can Hand ME Down? That is my question for you today... Are you living in such a manner that your life can Hand YOU Down to your generations? Will your life be a legacy or a tragedy?

Just a little food for thought for today...

From the desk of:~*Sister Soldier*~

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