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Hand Me Down

Your Life should be lived in such a way that it can be handed down to others.  What legacy are you leaving behind you?  Can your life be handed down to your generations in a way that will sustain them? 

Can God Hand YOU down?

"Our life is a potential hand-me-down for the Glory of God"

Just like clothes that we out grow, loss weight and get to small for or just don't wear enough to keep that become hand-me-downs our life is a hand-me-down too. How the clothes we pass on are treated during the time we have them determines the value they hold when we hand them down or pass them on to someone else. Our lives are the same. How we live our lives should be at such a level that it's quality is high enough that others should say, I want her/his life. I want what they have. I desire the walk they have with God. In Isaiah 55:3 it speaks about the sure mercies of David and how God made an everlasting covenant with him. When we speak of the mercies of David we see that 400 years after David's death God was still sparing his generations for "David's Sake", is what the Lord said. David lived his life in a way that he could hand his mercies from God down because His life was a testimony unto his love of God. David was a terrible sinner but he was a great repenter. David was referred to as a man after God's own heart. We see through the scriptures that his life was lived in such a way that it became a "hand-me-down" to his generations. My questions to you is Will you walk in such a way that your life, submitted to God's Word and His will, will be desired and can be safely handed down to the next generation? Will you lay a foundation that your generations to come can stand on? Will you fight for what they need to be alive in your life so when your life is passed on to them they can stand up in the paint and stand the test of time and make it to heaven? We should live in such a way that our generations and the lost that we reach can live on what we give them and stand on the truth that we lived under and showed forth a testimony of through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. 

So as I go through my life, I try to keep in mind am I living in a way that I can hand down to my children (natural/adopted & Spiritual) the values, beliefs, thoughts, spiritual foundations and convictions? Am I living in a way that I can Hand ME Down to them? Will my life be a legacy or a tragedy? Will my memory be sought after to gain strength from or will it be just a rumor passed back and forth at family reunion as what not to do with your life? Will my life be such that I can Hand ME Down? That is my question for you today... Are you living in such a manner that your life can Hand YOU Down to your generations? Will your life be a legacy or a tragedy?

Just a little food for thought for today...

From the desk of:~*Sister Soldier*~

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