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The Silence hell is After

The Silence hell is After

I would like to start this by first saying I am not an anxious nor scary person. I DON’T scare easily. However, yesterday I was attacked by anxiety. During this WHOLE DAY of waves of attack after attack not just on me but on my family as well, I heard the small voice of Jesus say to me, “This is the silence hell is after” but I didn’t catch it right then because I was being overtaken. You see I was sitting at work so under attack of the spirit of anxiety that I could not breath, talk nor even focus enough to pray for myself. I had to take lunch, leave the building and contact My sisters Suzan & Robin to bind together with me in prayer. Finally, it lifted enough that I could go back to work. Later I was sitting at my desk and the waves began to wash over me again of dreed and anxiety. I was so overtaken with anxiety I could not stop crying at my desk. I had to text my pastor and ask Him to pray for me to get it to lift. (side note: THANK GOD FOR A TRUE MAN OF GOD THAT I CAN TEXT OR CALL NO QUESTIONS ASKED, AND HE LOVES ME ENOUGH TO PRAY RIGHT THEN. Thank you Pastor Toney). As I was praying at my desk and typing a message to Pastor Toney I heard the words again, “The silence that hell is after.” I stopped for a moment to let that sink in and realized OH WOW!!! I am under attack from hell RIGHT NOW!!! I can’t even pray right. My voice is silenced with fear and anxiety. THAT IS THE SILENCE HELL IS AFTER!!! The enemy is trying to silence my warfare prayers against his kingdom. I want to thank my sisters and my Pastor for praying me through this life lesson and this attack. I feel blessed that even though sometimes attacks are meant to destroy us that God will turn it around into a life lesson to equip me for the next battle and to teach me how to be a better warrior by helping me win the fight. The following is what came to me as I sat in tears and felt the anxiety lift.

“The Silence that hell is after”

Life will sometimes render us speechless or silent with the level of pain it can bring. The enemy uses distraction, pain, fear & rejection (among other things) to devastate us & cause us to become silent in prayers against him and his kingdom because in these “attacks” our prayers become a desperate cry for help from the blow of devastation he has thrown at us. Where our normal prayers as prayer warriors are for the lost and broken to be freed and healed. For the sick to be healed and the back sliders to be set free to come home. Our prayers are normally prayers for attack on hells demonic forces that come at our loved ones, church families, our marriages, Our Pastors, our children and grandchildren. We pray with a fierce fervent fire that comes down from heaven fueled by the power of the Holy Ghost But when the attacks of fear and anxiety come so strong that we can’t even breath much less speak out loud a prayer of defense or attack back against the spirit of fear we are silenced and our warfare against the gates of hell is stopped for whatever short time the attack lasts. The question right now is burning in my mind… How many souls are lost in the time I spent under attack yesterday? Not to say I can save a soul. I am NOT Jesus. But the question still burns… How many prayers moments did I miss to stand in the gap for others while I was fighting for my own life against this anxiety attack? Hell did NOT win yesterday because not only did I come out from under this attack fighting not just for my life but for my husband’s, my children’s, My Pastor that prayed for me and my sister’s lives as well. I came out from under it MAD with hell for touching me and mine and with a vengeance… BUT, I also came out with this revelation that I am writing right now. Our voice is important to the kingdom of God. Life and Death are in the POWER OF THE TONGUE… some people say that wrong. They say the power of life and death are in the tongue. That is NOT what the word says… it says life and death are in the POWER OF THE TONGUE… We control our tongue. The Bible refers to the tongue as an unruly member. It says it is like a rudder on a ship. The smallest member yet it can turn a whole ship. The power of our tongue can speak demons back into hell with the NAME OF JESUS. Not by our power but by HIS SPIRIT. Our tongue is the key that speaks prayers into the atmosphere. If we are not praying for Heavenly, Kingdom minded things as instructed by the Holy Ghost or lead by our hearts under the direction of God’s voice then our voice is silenced. We are no longer warriors. We are not fighting the good fight and hell has free reign in our lives and the lives of our loved ones. We must speak against evil. I heard it said once that the only way evil can prevail is for one good man to stand silent and do nothing. I WILL NOT STAND SILENT!!! I WILL NOT GIVE IN TO THE ATTACKS AND I REFUSE TO ALLOW hell TO WIN. WARRIORS… DON’T ALLOW hell TO GAIN THE SILENCE IT IS AFTER. DON’T FALL TO ATTACKS THAT SILENCE YOUR WARFARE PRAYERS AGAINST THE GATES OF hell. Recognize the attack for what it is. Call out for help from Jesus and other prayer warrior to bind together with you in prayer. Call your Pastor and submit to him asking for Him to pray with you. NOT just for you but WITH you because YOU MUST FIGHT TOO. This is not an “I” thing or a “ME” thing… this is a “WE” thing and WE are told to have unity and bind together as ONE BODY. ONE VOICE in prayer together against the gates of hell. Don’t give hell the silence it is after. FIGHT, PRAY, SPEAK LIFE INTO THE ATMOSPHERE OVER YOUR LIFE, YOUR SPOUSE, YOUR CHILDREN/GRANDCHILDREN, YOUR CHURCH FAMILY, YOUR NATURAL FAMILY, YOUR PASTORS AND LEADERS. Cover your family. PLEAD THE BLOOD OF JESUS… FIGHT THE SILENCE!!!! PRAY!!! ARISE WARRIORS… PRAY!!!


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