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Mind Blinders

Mind blinder-things that distract us from our purpose in life.

The bible says in 2nd Cor. 4:4 that the unbeliever is "blinded by the god of this world". That is satan. He is the ultimate mind blinder.

Our purpose is to be about our father's business. We must hear His voice to receive instruction. Mind blinders dull out vision and ability to hear His voice mentally and spiritually. To clearly hear God's voice we must clear our mind and allow ourselves to be still and quiet before Him. Mind blinders come in to distract us from our walk and our intimate talks with God. Some things that the enemy used as mind blinders are not always bad things. Sometimes they just busy things. (BUSY=Being Under Satan's Yoke). We must identify and stop the mind blinders in our life.

What are some mind blinders in your life? Some of mine include but are no limited to: 

  •  Facebook

  • TV

  • Work (big one for me = workaholic)

  • Kids

  • Shopping

  • Friends

  • Worry

  • Life

  • "Good works" helping others in our own will. (A wise man once told me don't be led by need. There are always needs. Be led by the Holy Ghost! If you are led by need you will give out all of you and have nothing left to give God.)

When the mind blinder takes you, you usually find yourself tired even after a full night’s sleep. Distracted easily. Feeling like your world is spinning out of control and you are barely holding on. You find yourself with your hand stirring so many pots you don't realize that most of them are burning until you find yourself burned out with nothing left to give.

It's time to MAKE THE CHOICE to stop the mind blinder. Walk quietly before your Lord today and ask Him to help identify your mind blinders. Then make the choice to STOP THE MIND BLINDERS!!! 

Blessings from the desk of:

~*Sister Soldier*~


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