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Jesus Is My Everything Bible Study Week Ten

Jesus is My Everything Week 10.

Last but not least, you must know in your heart of hearts that God is perfect. There is no shadow of turning in Him. He knows what is best for us. Trust

that He knows the end to the beginning, and He knows what we need and what we don’t need in our lives that will push us into the destiny that he has

for us. 

     a. Walk softly before Him as you travel on this journey in the Calling that he has placed on your life.


     b. Allow Him to show you who you are in Him. Do not listen to the voices of this world or hell that will speak contrary to what He has

spoken into your life.

     c. Know that He is God and no other can compare to Him. He is King of all kings and Lord of all lords and the best thing is He loves you. Just like you are, He said to you, come. All who are weary and heavy laden come unto me and I shall give you rest. He loves you. He loves us all.

     d. So now walk forward with confidence in the calling HE has on your life knowing that He is perfect and that he will never leave you nor forsake you. He will keep you and be a strong tower for you to run into in times of trouble.

               i. He will and has equipped you for the task He has called you to, so walk in it in confidence. Not in arrogance, which is pride, but in  confidence that He is your Daddy, and he Loves you.

     e. Know that He has called you to this and will bring you through it. He has never started anything in us that He will not complete, because he is perfect. 

I pray that this has been a help to you. I just wanted to share a little knowledge that God has given me through His grace and mercy along my

journey. God bless each of you and remember… Allow Jesus to be  your everything.

Just a little food for thought from your ~*Sister Soldier*~

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